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Jeremy Bradley's Top of The Charts -- Today's best music and yesterday's worst jokes and special celebrity guests every week. Two hours of fun and craziness with host Jeremy Bradley. (syndicated)

The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley -- The hottest country music from yesterday and today. Celebrity guests join Jeremy Bradley for some foot-stompin' fun. (syndicated)

Entertainment Wrap Up -- A look at the best and worst from the celebrity world including news, gossip and all the drama you love to hear. (syndicated)

Entertainment Run Down -- Morning show call-ins to chat entertainment headlines and celebrity interviews. (syndicated)

SpeakFree With JB -- Newspaper columnist Jeremy Bradley features his regular editorial columns and special features about "telling it like it is." An open forum to voice an opinion and have your say on news of the day.

SpeakFree Celeb Watch -- Interviews with today's hottest stars and candid conversations with celebrities.

SpeakFree Idol Watch -- Complete coverage of Canadian Idol (including live reporting from season finales in Toronto) with interviews, pictures, audio, video and more. In addition, extensive American Idol coverage including interviews with past contestants.

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